Posted by: erinjoneil | March 21, 2011

Your Organization on the Go

In today’s world of Blackberries and iPhones, social media doesn’t stop at the computer. In order for your nonprofit organization to stay fully engaged in social media you must adapt your message to fit mobile mediums as well.

Many mobile applications have been designed with nonprofits in mind to help them succeed.

CommonDeeds is a mobile app that believes in the power of collective action. By downloading the iPhone application, users can connect with others in their area who share the same philanthropic passion, build a team and compete against other teams as they support their favorite event, cause, political movement, nonprofit organization, community group or company. Nonprofit organizations can build and manage a team, using them as volunteers for service to their organization.

Nonprofits must always be creative and brainstorm unique ways to use social media outlets to fit in with their social media plan.

Fourquare is a location-based social networking website for mobile devices that allows users to “check-in” at locations using GPS, gaining points and earning badges as they compete against their friends to become “mayor of a location”.

Five Simple (and Fun) Ways to Promote NonProfits on FourSquare


1. Add Nonprofit Venues

Make sure your office and any activity sites have check-in locations on Twitter. Use the full name and include the address and phone number. This way, whenever anyone is at one of your locations they can “check-in” and spread the word to their followers.

2. Add Nonprofit Tips

Tips are added by users to inform others of their experiences at that site. Add tips about the services your organization provides for the community and how the public can access them.

3. Add Nonprofit To Dos

Create a list of places you would like to check-in that correlate to your organization. Perhaps organizations similar to yours or other community resources and points of interest. As you check things off your list you’ll earn badges for everyone to see.

4. Check-In at Nonprofit Events

An event is the best opportunity to get lots of people involved with your social media plan at once. Create a check-in location for a special event your hosting and promote checking in throughout the night. Create incentives such as free prizes or opportunities for those who check-in and something extra special for the user who becomes “mayor”.

5. “Shout Out” About Nonprofits and Socially Responsible Businesses that Support Nonprofits

To keep your followers in the loop about other places in your community that they should check out, “shout-out” about them.


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