Posted by: erinjoneil | March 19, 2011

Nonprofits That Are Doing it Right

The best way to learn is by example. These nonprofits are utilizing social media to its full potential and have the results to prove it. From fundraising to connecting the community to their cause, these nonprofits are valuable examples of what your organization can become with strategy, understanding and dedication to social media.


In 2004, Lance Armstrong’s organization Livestrong made a name for itself with yellow plastic bracelets. Today, they have taken the same philosophy to create a name for themselves on the Internet.

The Livestrong Organization believes “social media never sleeps” and so, in 2009, Brooke McMillian became the nonprofit organization’s online evangelist, working seven days a week, often updating the Livestrong Twitter and Facebook from her Blackberry on the weekends. And the dedication has paid off. In the same year that Livestrong became dedicated to their online presence they had a monumental fundraising year, bringing in $10.8 million for cancer awareness and research. Their strong Twitter presence allowed Livestrong to reach thousands of potential donors in a short amount of time. They used Facebook to tell stories of cancer survivors and those suffering from the loss of friends and loved ones. In this open, welcome environment they felt comfortable sharing and thereby connecting to Livestrong and the organization’s cause.

The 1010 Project

Kenya feels a lot closer with the power of Twitter.

The 1010 Project is a nonprofit organization that provides income-generating grants to indigenous development partners in Kenya and raises awareness in the United States on behalf of the global poor. Kenya is a long way away from your computer screen but the 1010 project works to minimize that distance. They use the organization’s main twitter page as well as personal staff Twitter pages to engage followers on issues of global poverty by publicizing advocacy events as well as interesting facts and moving stories. (via Mashable)

Humane Society

The Humane Society utilizes Twitter in a way to create personal connections with its nationwide community of animal-lovers and philanthropists.

If these puppies can tweet, so can you.

You may think that a nationwide organization as large as The Humane Society wouldn’t have time to reply to any of their 45,000 followers or retweet smaller charities, but the Humane Society is one of the best nonprofit organizations at connecting with their followers via their Twitter page. They follow over 26,000 Twitter users showing that they take the time to follow their followers back, creating an even more personal connection. Twitter makes the Humane Society’s mission and organization as friendly as the puppies in their canine shelters.





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